Friday, January 11, 2008

Animation portfolio

Flash Model Sheet:
Tail Ball:
Bouncing Ball:

Pencil test- Character jumps

Pencil test- Character walk

Cleaned up Walk

Animatic with WIP

Flash character test:

Animation Type Illustration

Life drawing and sketches:


Ryan Cole said...

Nice stuff man. Your animations could use a little more motion. Watch those pauses in your jumping animations, inbetweening won't fix that. I know, I did that stuff a lot in college. Keyframes have to carry a lot of information. And with action takes, one of the biggest bit of info is that an object in motion stays in motion. Keyframes also aren't just their own pose. They follow each other in a continuous motion. Often times you find those motions by planning and drawing the arcs.

Thanks a lot for visiting my page, by the way! If you head on back there, I did up a quick animation example that shows pretty much everything I just said.

macaronni said...

Those life drawings are nice man! :)

Ghassan Lafi said...

For sure you have the attitude for animation :D
Have you tried this? to open a Tom & Jerry video on a QuickTime player, and advance the slide bar frame by frame to watch the movement. Try to feel the art in the animation! this could help you a lot !
You could examine :
1- line of action
2- the coordination between the different limbs of the character.
3- the art of ease in and ease out and of course how many frames needs the time of the action. If it is a fast or slow action!
4- how to gather all of this into one single frame ! and of course relate it to the whole sequence of the movement.
In Tom & Jerry,you feel that every single frame could bear a high emotional expression of feeling !
You may use any player that offers advancing through the frames.QuickTime offers such an option. And make sure that Tom & Jerry are Fred Quimby's :)
Good Luck :D

Lena said...

Greetings!I very much like this cheerful good animation!
Good bye! Lena.